The Power of Content Marketing Workshops to Impact Profitability and Eliminate Silos

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How Can a Content Workshop Effect My Company Profitability?

Sales teams want marketing teams to make it RAIN! Marketing teams want sales to make it RAIN! See the dilemma in that?

This, as you’re likely aware, is a big problem around the globe for businesses big and small, which is exactly why the act of eliminating silos and getting sales and marketing on the same team is critical. But how does this happen? Watch this awesome interview with Krista Kortla, the Senior Vice President of Marketing from Block Imaging and see the possibilities for your organization…

Content Marketing Workshops: Changing The Game

As you’ll see from watching the video, Krista Kotrla shares her story about her company’s fascinating journey to success through content marketing. We talk about how a major pain point was company wide buy-in and sales and marketing were not on the same page. Even better, we talk how they fixed this problem. The catalyst for this change was having a content marketing workshop(with our very own Marcus Sheridan), an event that had a dramatic effect and impact on company employees and ROI.

Questions answered in this interview:


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