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Installing a defensive parameter just like fences.

There are people out there that would harm your systems. They have different motivations, and for the most part, they are kept on the other side of your firewall. Much live a vampire; they cannot enter your dealership until they are invited. And when they are in your house, there will be trouble.

The first part is to teach your staff not to invite bad people into their computers. Using a strategy similar to whitelisting, we teach people who are the good guys. If they are not on the list, they are not allowed. This method is very effective, and your staff will respond positively.

Next, you want to have an effective firewall. This firewall should have zero ports open. Not for anything. We suggest a separate device on a different IP if you need to open a port for a specific application. The small cost for an additional IP and its complexity pays for itself.

Moreso, we need you to hire an ERP or XRP. The Endpoint software is your last defense against insecure computers. Computers with strange activity or downloaded something that is not good need to tell someone quickly there is a problem. This software is your fire alarm sensor. With the right staff, which DealeNerd has, you can stop the cyber attack before it starts.

The final icing on the cake is a HoneyPot. A HoneyPot is a fake computer on the system with every possible security flaw open, hoping to detect a compromised computer. If a computer starts scanning specific ports or acts in a way it wants to gain access to a computer on the network, the virus will accidentally trigger a door to be shut. Once the computer is clean of all wrongdoing or virus removal, the computer is allowed back to normal operations.

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