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The road begins long before August 2022

DealerNerd's Parent company Trust Digital LLC started in late 2021. The brand "DealerNerd" was created December 2009. The company was designed to make a set of apps to serve the automotive space. DealerNerd was explicitly created to serve the Technology needs of Automotive Dealerships. It is nearly impossible to find an IT company that has not focused on scale and walked away from the boutique.

Using DealerNerd puts your culture in control of your value proposition. Your dealership may have maximized the distinct attributes of an Apple OS-centric company. Some companies may want zero desktops and all tablets. Service departments may have multiple OEMs and need to blend the network requirements. Who is going to help you when the Vendors cannot be friends?

Travis Mitchell started DealerNerd with one thing in mind, Serve Dealerships Simple IT. Creating the perfect mix for each company is his expertise. He handles, trains, and leads people so they can take ownership and provide actionable feedback.

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