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What is DealerNerd?

DealerNerd is a specialized automotive dealership information technology service that ensures efficient productivity with an array of IT services. We invite dealership personnel from all technical levels to use our management tool, Topology Builder.

Using the first of a kind, custom-written software, DealerNerd invites IT Managers, Directors, and CIOs to consider changing their current IT structure and join forces with us. Using blockchain technology, your current IT personnel can contribute, grow, and provide professional advice to our support system to make more money and have the support they need to take time off. Dealer Principles can select trusted backups and get to know their team.

What is a vCIO?

A vCIO is a person for hire that provides the same experience and knowledge as a Chief Information Officer. Through the use of acceptable remote working technology, companies can afford top advisors at a discounted price. Dealernerd has vCIOs with dealership experience ready to help you quickly assess, Teach, Manage, Build and Fix your systems.

What is an IT Manager?

IT Managers at dealerships used to be filled positions at dealerships. Maintaining the Windows operating system, fixing printer queues, resetting passwords, and turnover IAM was a full-time job. The industry has pivoted to outsourcing many of these functions since they are set-and-forget and need very little maintenance. The typical break-fix day hardly justifies the monthly cost. Topology Builder establishes your baseline and suggests improvements.

What is aaS?

The Information Technology Industry loves to use acronyms. a.a.S stands for As A Service; it means a group of people gathered resources like hardware, software, labor, and managers to sell the service as one product. A good example is Disaster Recovery as a Service. It is improbable to need disaster recovery but necessary to have all the resources ready in the event everything grinds to a halt. A Service Company is prepared for the event they are needed.

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