Travis Mitchell

IT Manager in Maple Grove, MN

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Transitioning from Youthful Optimist to Cutting-Edge Focused Businessman. Many of today's dealerships are not concentrating on what works. They use what is sold too them without proper follow-up analysis. I recommend and use only what is working. Selling Success. Marketing firms rarely can compete with my R.O.I. numbers. My marketing philosophy is, "You don't have to pay to own the market. It's a level playing field if you know how to play."

Budgetary Ideals:

Every dollar spent must have a return strategy.

Every dollar needs to bring friends back.

Spending $5 to market one home is better than $10,000 to Blast a zip-code.

The rule of 80/20 applies to everything.

Month-to-Month strategy will only result in missed opportunities daily.

Without a brand, you have no anchor.

Current Projects:

  • Work
    • Cornerstone Auto Resource
  • Education
    • Multiple Associates Degrees, Many Nerdy Certificates.