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Do you want the best of everything under your terms?

What do you want? We can build it. Our baseline setup can show you each department's efficiencies overall, by department, or by a user.

We work with different DMS systems, other inventory systems, and CRMs. Our philosophy is to start simple, master it and then take it to the next level. Not every dealership works with different applications. Matching is often lost in cost savings and the "that's what we always did" methodology. Change is scary, but not knowing if it's working is dangerous to finances.

It's a simple little board. Our program tells you who is working, who was working, and if there is a potential issue with certain activities. We prefer it not to be spyware but an indicator of a coaching opportunity. It's not always the individual user's fault. It could be slow technology or something simple as the desktop being too close to others. You will never know until you inspect.

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