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Phones should not be hard.

Telephones ring and place calls. The world developed complicated setups to sell PBX boxes to switch regular phone lines to each desk phone. These phone systems were costly, even though they had a production cost of a few bucks. The advent of the internet did far more than produce many meaningless articles; it moved audio communication into the expensive phone space. Voice over Internet Protocol is a marvel and has more freedom than traditional plain old telephones.

Today's VoIP phones log into a server and listen for signals and audio files. They have a signal to ring, call, or do-not-disturb. If the user chooses to answer, small packets of sound files begin to chase each other over the internet to appear in real-time. Users can also send more sophisticated items like, I'm here, or sorry, I'm busy. Even Busy has subcategories.

We are programming all of these simple and complicated setups for you. You should not be afraid of multiple systems to carry out different functions for each department. Instead of matching the whole dealership, matching each department with the best fit will create higher profits and increase your value to customers. We can create a map of what you currently have for a phone system and help you move the system setup to what you want. Moving to a plan that has increased efficiencies could create significant cost savings. We have experience with Google Voice, Broadsoft, OnSip, Ubiquiti.

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