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Our Pricing is structured different.

You would expect to pay $100 monthly on top of everything. Other MSPs then offer the ability to tier down based upon what you would like to save money—reducing onsite visits, removing 24/7 support, or cutting all your cyber security. It's up to you. We want to work with your chosen vendors (Vendor Management), and DealerNerd asks for a management fee based on each user in your company's need. All Dealerships have people that do not know much about computers that may call once a week, while others may never call in 20 years. We accommodate, report, and explain all our costs..

Common Pricing for Comparison

In order to compare apples to apples, we publish our rates.

Basic Package

$5 a month per computer

  • Anti Virus Protection
  • Patch Management
  • Remote Monitoring
  • DNS Filtering
Enhanced Package

$10 a month per computer

  • Basic Package
  • Live Remote Support
  • Shared Ticketing System
  • Hardware Sourcing
Hardware Package

$40 a month per computer

  • Enhanced Package
  • 24/7 Support
  • Same Day Replacement
  • Intranet Site
  • Monthly Security Assessment
Our Very Best

$60 a month per User

  • High Speed Ubiquiti Network
  • Virtual Machine Server
  • Bring your own Device
  • User Management

Fine Print:
-Companies with less than five computers may incur a minimum charge.
-The entire organization does not have to subscribe, although we do recommend all systems have some level of support from DealerNerd.
-"Anti-Virus Protection" is on a yearly contract. We ask that you understand that we are both committing to a 12-month contract. 
-"Our Very Best" is a partnership. We purchase a high-speed server capable of delivering insane speed to your sales, office, parts, and service drive by Purchasing Network equipment, Servers, and Labor. No money down does require a contract. If you wish to cover the initial, we would gladly offer our month-to-month services.
-Odds and Ends, like key machines, speaker systems, and televisions, can be supported under a Discounted Hardware Package.

Al-la-Cart Below

Not every company has the same needs. There may be services you wish to try and wonder what are the costs.

Try out our service

Level 1 Services (the basics):

Cellular as a Service:
Starts at $5 a week per user. Request a new iPhone, or use your own; 5G upgrades and Hotspot services are available. Verizon Only.

Workspace as a Service:
Standard dual 24" screen i7 32GB Dual Screen Desktop - $899 each Any Part Replacement coverage on any desktop - $25/month Telephones start at $49



Starts at $379


48-Port PoE Switches

Starts at $1099


48-Port Switches

Starts at $599


24-Port Switches with PoE

Starts at $699


24-Port Switches

Starts at $399


8-Port Poe

Starts at $109


300 Client WiFi Antenna

Starts at $149


Basic Access Point

Starting at $99


All-In-One Office and Wifi

Starts at $179

Cyber Security as a Service

  • 24/7 Incident Response

  • Endpoint Protection

  • Disaster Recovery Plan

  • Business Continuity Plan

  • Internet Security Plan

$19 per Device per month

$59/year Per Installation

$199 an hour consultation fee.

$199 an hour consultation fee.

$199 an hour consultation fee.

Level 4 - Operations Applications

  • Paid Discovery

  • Identity and Access Management

  • Ideation

  • Live Payroll

  • Web 3.0

$199/hour consulting

$12 per yearly subscription

$2,300 per site per month