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Adding and Removing Users by hand is tragically inefficient.

When adding a user to the system, you may have to enter the person's information a dozen times. Wouldn't it be nice to add their info once and print (or text/email) their information in one click? You can achieve a fully automated setup if your IAM settings are set up correctly.


No one wants to lose people, but when they are gone, you want the door locked so they cannot return. Some people are not setting their password's strength or not signing in at all. Paying for a person that doesn't use the system is a problem. How do you know? It may be too late when you find out they are lacking proper IAM self-security. The "Password123" problem is genuine.

Our application will need a few inputs. We will need your email, voice, manufacturers, and payroll systems login. The logins need to be separate from all other users for accountability. Then we will set up the administrators and train them on how to operate the system correctly and what to do when there are issues.