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The more Cellphones you have, the cheaper it is.

Cellphone service is a racket. You pay a Service fee and a Usage Fee. You need hundreds of phones to spread out the Service Fees and reduce the price of Usage Fees. Even if you have 20 lines, you will save half the amount as if you were one line. Residential and personal customers spend a fortune. We know 5G is coming, and both ATT, TMobile, and Verizon say they are different, but we know they are the same.

Adding your devices to our phone bill will save you money. We have special contracts for additional features like accessories and insurance. If a phone is lost, destroyed, or another unfortunate accident, we will get one shipped to you overnight.

Navigating today's supply chain is challenging, and each Cellphone Store in your vicinity may not have your business as the priority costing you time and money. Many stores are franchises and cannot provide you with the same level of service as the Corporate Customers. Let us worry about your Cellular Worries.

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