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Welcome Investors

Thank you for being so interested in investing with DealerNerd. We appreciate your taking the time to take a look. We have a couple of articles we would like you to review and some quick metrics.


- Acute Pain
IT changes are often sudden. If your dealership needs temporary IT support for whatever reason, DealerNerd can help. We can remote manage every device and satisfy every customer. Our service will give you time to make long-term decisions and focus on every changing aspect.

- Need
How often do you jam up with labor or sales because of a technological issue? You may have a need that is hard to define and set a goal to solve eventually. Hardening IT processes will bring you higher profits and overall employee and customer satisfaction.

- Convenience
When things happen, how quickly they stand fixed is a metric many IT Support companies attest. They say things like the answer in 90 seconds and high customer retention. The problem lies in averages during business hours. Problems occur often, but dealerships are well-staffed, with managers handling the eight to five shifts. How about after it? When is IT inconvenient? If the system is poorly performing or stopped for several reasons is, inconvenient. Your dealership needs reliable processes that do not break and people who know how to use the system. The best IT company is the one you never have to call. We solve convenience with training, assessing repetition, and installing tested hardware.

- Status
IT Services do not have prestige as of yet. The premier IT company for a dealership will not receive traditional word of mouth. A dealership owner will attempt to keep a type of trade secret. It's best to find each dealership owner's friends. Being the King of a 20 group will help you go far. DealerNerd is one of the few companies that partners with the top Computer groups in the nation, like StarStandard.org.

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Growth Strategy

How is DealerNerd going to grow?


- September 2022
Two leads, one a large dealership install, another a transportation company with 15 users.

- August 2022
Our Facebook Page has grown to 300 likes in a month organically. September costs $1 per like for future acquisitions. We have two customers on our Verizon $30 cash program.


  • Hiring the Right People
  • Preemptive Optimization
  • Products Availability
  • Service Availability - Implementation


The current value is rated five times the Annual Recovery Revenue (ARR) $720

The company is still pre-upstart due to a small customer base. We are registered with the state, communications are working, product and service pricing has been published, google is crawling our text, services are available today, and advertising has begun.

We have three strategic marketing channels that are pending final payment. The dealership decision makers read Automotive News and are National Automotive Dealership Association members.

The website needs graphics and articles. The products and service pages need to move to a traditional e-commerce layout.

An ad is on Facebook for a Contract employee on staff for various duties.