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We Service Retail to Commercial Grade Switching and Routing.

Dealerships range in size but are never under eight devices. There are Routers, Computers, Printers, and Laptops. This means you must manage a Firewall, wifi, and the devices to talk to the internet. Some dealerships have telephones, video cameras, and significant servers running their entire business. Dealerships may have strange geography spread out over acres of asphalt, while some are multiple parking ramps on a postage stamp downtown. Each location has its challenges.

We understand your building's construction and material limitations. We are experts in buildings that have been added on through OEM renovations; Steel, Copper, and Electricity are not wifi's friends. Cabling around thick load-bearing walls can be hazardous to the entire structure. Strategically placing a Star Mesh to support the needs of networking infrastructure, copper wire, fiber lines, and wifi without having to rewire the building as a whole is something we can accomplish daily.

We have software and mobile devices to troubleshoot your most challenging wifi areas. Service departments rely heavily on wireless service tools. Sales Support needs high-speed photography uploads. Let's not forget the customer wifi in the waiting room. Poor wifi can get you less than a five-star OEM review.