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What is a vCIO?

A vCIO is a person for hire that provides the same experience and knowledge as a Chief Information Officer.

A vCIO is a person for hire that provides the same experience and knowledge as a Chief Information Officer. Through the use of acceptable remote working technology, companies can afford top advisors at a discounted price. Dealernerd has vCIOs with dealership experience ready to help you quickly assess, Teach, Manage, Build and Fix your systems.

Sometimes you just have to Build something
You must build if you cannot Train or Manage your way back to efficiency. Old equipment is the most uncomplicated call to replace. The improved network technology and telephone efficiencies double yearly. Having the latest and greatest technology may be cool, but it is far from financially savvy. Financial Skydiving into significant changes in your systems is never recommended.

Our team will take great care in your build project. We will use your assessments, scopes, and relationship managing your team to make the best choice. We will always consider "smart money" brands and technologies. Computers are just a box with a processor. Our analysis rarely is impressed by name brands or big-ticket retail—the research team gets many free items from the manufacturer to suggest the best bang for your buck.

It's not on fire but I wish it was
Sometimes something, in theory, should work. Smashing your head against the desk indicates you are struggling to fix it. If you find yourself pounding your head often for something you are financially stuck with, we can help.

Software companies can sometimes be your best friend, and sometimes not. When something is not working correctly, or a vendor is expressing their contract obligation, you need to bring in an IT arbitrator. We can help you defend your position and find the "Fix" to move forward with your partner. We can bridge the communication gap between tech and automotive.

Hardware can be demanding. Electrical requirements or distances asked out radios can stop your company. Making a solid physical base for technology will help it achieve its performance. You may have to go to the breakers to understand the issue. We have encountered small items like mini-fridges and heaters knocking out network equipment. A server was restarting overnight because it was unplugged by the overnight maintenance crew. Our thinking outside the box is constructive when the fix isn't all that clear.

Partnership is key to Management
Asking someone to manage the communications between team members and customers has its risks. The person must be perfect, if not quick, to respond to accidental outages. A Management Service Company must set the configuration right on the first try and make it flexible enough to handle different user abilities.

Repeat mistakes cost money. Hopefully, it's not an entire dealership outage, but if people are having continual issues recovering their productivity. Your assigned IT person may be overwhelmed or needs a hint. We have multiple dealerships and a knowledge base; we may have the specific answer that could work for you.

Knowing the right way to continue is important. With the assessment complete, and staff trained, we can offer attainable suggestions to bring your dealership's topology to peak performance with excellent durability. You may have minor issues that need slight changes. You may also have an old system that needs an overhaul. Managing your situation daily, in any event, is what we provide.



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