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What if each user could be tuned?

We can tune a desk like your techs can tune a car - with a computer.

Each dealership is different. Sometimes the variables are complicated to satisfy. If we dive deeper, each department in each dealership has variables making the first difficulty minimal in comparison. Each user has their creature comforts. So why do we make something to fit everyone when we are ripping off productivity from users and departments? How do we test and measure?

If you could segment your dealership into smaller groups, like departments, you would gain productivity by selecting the right product for each department. Taking it one step further, if you could choose the right product for each user (including their creature comforts), would you gain productivity enough to cover the complexity costs.

The fact of the matter, some technologies can improve the user experience for each type of person. It's no different than providing special needs or abilities to a workstation. Finding flexible vendors and products to carry out this mission without creating complexity is vital. DealerNerd is that flexible software and consultant to get you there. Our products are compatible and work with Cisco Meraki, HP Aruba, Microsoft Windows, and Server. The real kicker is we can do this all for a 1/10 of the price you would typically see.

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