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We can help you get through a bad Managed Services Contract

Did you commit $250,000 over a few years to a Managed Service Provider that installs an app, takes over your network, and then provides support under their terms? Did they force you into a Microsoft Domain? Did they outsource their 8 - 4 business hours support? Oops! It would be best to forgive yourself; you are not the first to do this. So how do you get out?

Contracts are pretty set in stone, and fighting your MSP may cause an interruption of your business. Most people ride it out and get ready for the end of a contract. You can start by calling DealerNerd representatives to review your contracts. We have helped people reduce services and install a shadow IT when the contract ends or is intentionally broken with cause.

If you are unsure and want to check secretly, create a DealerNerd login. Fill in the information about your Dealership loosely. You can use fake names and numbers if you choose. A quote of what you should be paying will be displayed live. If you keep adding more devices and information to your structure, your quote will be even more accurate. Call us if it's a good deal, and we would be happy to implement it.

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