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What is your Play Clock?

Learn the numbers behind DealerNerds dominance over MSPs.

Your store opens at 7 am. Your top parts and service personnel walk in at 6 am and notice no internet. What does your staff do? What do you do? If this happens three times a year, how much does your Play Clock Cost?

The first second a problem is noticed, the Play clock starts. A dealership's productivity costs $50 per employee per minute. Let's assume you have 100 employees. You have already lost $5000 in the first hour.

The Current MSP Professional Opinion:
A typical Managed Service Provider would charge $72,000 a year with a six-hour emergency response rate. Your productivity loss is $90,000. Total cash loss is $162,000 with a play clock of 18 hours.

Single I.T. Person:
An IT Guy might make six figures, but they make $96,000 a year for this example. They live close and are a cellphone call away; the response time is one hour. Productivity loss is $1,500. The total cash loss is $97,500 with a play clock of 3 hours.

The MSPs will argue their more extensive staff will prevent an outage. Using their "better" assessment, we will reduce the problems to two incidents a year, which is better than a two-person local team.

MSP Rebuttal:
The cost is still an average of $72,000 yearly with an MSP with 100 users. The event loss comes down $30,000, which is undoubtedly a reduction. However, you still have a $60,000 production loss. The cost is now $132,000 with a play clock of 12 hours.

Two I.T. People:
We are doubling the factor to two I.T. people at a generous $192,000 with only $1000 in response rate loss. Spending $193,000 for being down two hours does have its appeal. But the additional cost of two I.T. people to $61,000 more could be more appealing. The play clock is down to 2 hours.

>> The DealerNerd Assessment Consultation and Training.
Discover the top I.T. trainer in your store, and establish I.T. champions to cover the critical hours of operation. Change your I.T. Manager's role to I.T. Trainer. The I.T. manager would become a trainer and remains at $96,000. $6,000 raises for the standby champions—Contract DealerNerd as your Coach for $30,000 a year. Play Clock... Minutes.

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