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Your People, your Dealership

Using your employees to grow your company

Pondering one day, I realized dealerships have four attributes. Dealerships have idol labor. Dealers have top local talent. Dealerships attract people that give 110% percent. Finally, they commonly do not have formal IT training.

It's vital to direct productive activities while people have extra time. Dealers spend a lot of money on tech infrastructure and software. The employees are expected to perform a function trained from one person to the next for nearly four generations. It doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't work, but there have been significant improvements in DMS extraction, Worksheets, Archiving, and Collaboration. Treating each car deal like a project using a waterfall task management can help with the time-sensitive title transfers and log jams. The whole idea is to produce high customer satisfaction without costing thousands.

You need a coach to bring everyone together. The Front Desk, Fixed-Ops, Parts, and the Office all need a road map to understand the reason for the new strategies. A team understanding of the Why will be easier to get buy-in. Some "I already know" concepts projected need a quick overview to check off. Sometimes someone would like to know more or realize they have been doing something incorrectly for the right reasons. It could be a good thing.

We come to you. DealerNerd would love to sit, talk to managers, and discuss problems and specific goals. We have the experience to help with the first 80% the first week and financially assess if the other 20% is worth the financial commitment. We could create a custom-coded spreadsheet and consider basic training for your departments. Our favorite is selecting an IT Champion and mentoring that person to support your IT needs now, thoroughly, and into the future.

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