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Dealer Teamwork Named As Preferred Vendor

Dealer Teamwork, a leading provider of digital marketing SaaS products and services for the automotive industry, has been featured alongside one of the top auto dealer groups in the nation, Neessen Automotive, as a preferred vendor for digital marketing, advertising, and chartered SEO solutions.

by Olivia Stapleton Nov 23, 2022 Posted on DealerTeamWork.com

For more than 40 years, the family-owned dealership in Kingsville, Texas, has stood as a pinnacle of automotive excellence for their leadership in customer sales and service experiences.

The Neessen Automotive Group, according to their company vision statement, exists to “create experiences where the highest level of efficiency and care come together” — a philosophy that Dealer Teamwork has embraced as their guiding principle and strives to mutually emulate across all facets of their customer initiatives and service solutions.

The commonality of upholding a “customer-centric” culture has been a driving force in the mutual success of Dealer Teamwork and Neessen. Coupled with Dealer Teamwork’s proven track record for delivering lead generation solutions that produce superior results, Neessen has experienced consistent performance across all fronts; even throughout the vastly changing market dynamics.

“Dealer success is the junction between a dealer’s desire for advancement and Dealer Teamwork’s ability to deliver,” states Sean Stapleton, CEO and Co-Founder of Dealer Teamwork. “We are honored to have the Neessen Auto Group as a true testament to our synergistic success.”

Together with all dealer clients, Dealer Teamwork continues to push the boundaries of automotive marketing and redefine the standards of automotive excellence.

Read full composition of the Business View issue here.


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