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Domain Consolidation

Consolidate your domain names. Dealer Groups are pushing stores plus their group site. Project one brand, with representation of their products.

Easy organic traffic boost. Consolidate your domain names. Dealer Groups are pretending they have a dozen stores plus their group site. Could you imagine if McDonald's did the same thing?

Consolidate your domain names with DealerNerd. Dealer Groups, this one is for you. Do you want to make a minor change that will hugely impact your Online Marketing? Your Group Brand and Group website will drive more traffic with a higher conversion rate.

You also advertise against yourself and pay for individual Google PPC assets. Your Google listings are nested under separate domain names. We have an easy fix.

Could you imagine if Large Retail operations had a domain for each store? Nordstrom's, a retail giant, sells as one. Home Depot sells as one. The master of retail Amazon sells as one. Why doesn't your dealer group do the same?

The point from a Solar System standpoint is, Advertise the sun. Your ABCMotors.com is the sun. Your franchises are planetary and very hard to see. Move your OEM domain name ABCFord.com to ford.ABCMotors.com. Now the internet knows they are the same company. Your ABCMotors.com site becomes exponentially more attractive to Organic Material when you add more brands. Your paid search (DealerTeamwork.com is the best) should only be used for your main site.

The numbers Game:
ABCMotors.com has 40,000 unique visitors a month
ABCFord.com has 20,000 unique visitors a month
ABCChev.com has 25,000 unique visitors per month
ABCToyota.com has 35,000 unique visitors per month

Combine the traffic:
ABCMotors.com now has 120,000 visitors per month, listing your new and USED inventory. Any local dealership will not be able to compete with the traffic and will organically be listed below your site. Your used vehicles at all stores will be seen by nearly 60% more car buyers.

Hire us to manage your domain name(s) and work with your marketing platform to grow organic traffic. We can turn your multiple domain names into one giant internet sales funnel.



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