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Did you fall for the need of Active Directory?

Alternatives for Active Directory

If you are a small company paying $600 a month plus $10 for each user for an active directory, you may be a part of the biggest scam. The labor cost to add and remove people's access is about $20 a person based on a 50-dollar-an-hour scale. When does the active directory make sense?

$500 + $10x = $20x x = 50 changes per month

If your turnover is above 50 people a month, you should subscribe to Microsoft Active Directory. A Managed Service Provider will always have over 50 users, and they need this setup to support business. They may have 50 companies with 40 users each. Microsoft makes $30,000 a month for no good reason. We are sure the MSP gets a commission on top of their managed fee for you (hardware and support).

Dealer Directory by Dealernerd frees you from this requirement. We help you manage your turnover and enter your people in the proper positions. Most of you users will use one device and one chair. We will bring you into our forest for the nominal user fee if you must. No 50-user turnover is necessary to justify the expense.

Choose DealerNerd; we are smarter money.

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