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Google Ad Managers got it right

Google Ad Managers pricing policy is the best.

When choosing your phone system, you must find the best one that fits each dealership or automotive group. It always comes down to the cheapest offer and a few creature comforts, but it never fits perfectly for each department. You have to make sacrifices and sometimes overbuy. Even the perfect DMS (functionality and cost) for multiple rooftops and franchises don't exist.

So let's talk about Email. The current MSP (Managed Service Provider) is generally scripted to offer Microsoft 365 and an Active Directory. These two pieces do not solve any business problems for the dealership but help the MSP scale for higher profits. VoIP phones are also set up for fast cash. This is fine for your accounting staff; a more heightened monthly makes sense. However, your detail staff does not need a $100 setup, but somehow they are considered equal users at $100 each.

Companies that sell Paid-per-click Google Advertising got it right by setting up the customer to pay Google directly and pay a management fee. You may have a perfect setup for each position, Computer-as-a-Service, Collaboration software, Voice-as-a-Service, and Endpoint Response and Detection.

At Dealernerd, you are asked to compensate the management of these services and help coordinate the level of services and their fees at the user level or department if you see fit. The other added benefit to agile services by user selection is the gamification of selected services. This method will maximize your investment and grow your employees' technical abilities. There is no need for bells and whistles if an employee is not trained in using such tools.

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