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What if I am not a Dealer?

Helping everyone using Dealership Efficiencies

Thank you for asking the question. We service Dealerships as a specialty. Our IT services perfect your current IT situation whether you service machines or provide services to customers. We are the best because we work with the most brutal, lowest margin Technical Space called Automotive. Our efficiencies can be yours.

There are vast differences between your company to a dealership. A dealership is genuinely a mall of eight companies. Everyone knows about the Sales, Service and Parts Department. What they do not see is the Detail or Refurbish Department. There is an office with the same skill set as most Accounting Firms. Larger Dealerships have call centers that can capture business the Marketing Department creates. Then finally, the Finance department has more capability than a bank branch inside a grocery store.

Your company would benefit from our budget-friendly services. Our menu pricing and access to our talent network will save a fortune in monthly maintenance costs. Please review the list below; you may be closer to a dealership than you think and should contact us today.

Why Dealership IT is so hard, we need to know all this...


  • Vehicle Sales
    • Large Ticket Retail
    • Digital Customer Touchpoints
    • Data Mining
    • Competition Reconnaissance
    • Manufacture Private WiFi
    • Appointment Boards
  • Vehicle Service
    • Customer Ticketing
    • Vehicle Tracking
    • Shop Resource Planning
    • Labor Time Guides
    • Warranty Submission
    • Manufacture Software
    • Customer WiFi
    • Customer Televisions
  • Parts Sales
    • Wholesale Sales
    • High Transaction Frequency
  • Vehicle Reconditioning
    • Tough Environment
    • Easy Interface
  • Accounting
    • Business Systems
    • Copier
    • Document Archiving
    • Interdepartmental Communications
    • Computer Network and WiFi
  • Call Center
    • VoIP
    • Call Center Management
    • Staffing and Training
  • Marketing Department
    • Website Design and Management
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Search Engine Marketing
    • Business Listings
    • Paid Search
  • Finance
    • Cyber Security
    • Data Safety
    • Federal Regulations

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