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DealerNerd uses Chia

When using Cryptocurrency or blockchain applications, DealerNerd will be using the CHIA (XCH) network. Members that create logins will automatically create a new wallet address to secure their information and earn value for their contributions to other network members. Chia will be one of the cores of our web3 system. We will have an optional traditional username and password for those who are accustomed. read more

When should you leave the cloud?


Long ago, people had computer servers onsite. You could work with a small company called RackShack that grew from EV1servers, Softlayer, into a giant, now called IBM Cloud. It was a simple plan to put a bare metal server on the internet and remote access to the administration. With the development of Virtual machines, you can cut up one server into hundreds. The cloud is a few hundred big computers that pretend to be billions. read more

Did you fall for the need of Active Directory?


If you are a small company paying $600 a month plus $10 for each user for an active directory, you may be a part of the biggest scam. The labor cost to add and remove people's access is about $20 a person based on a 50-dollar-an-hour scale. When does the active directory make sense? read more

What if each user could be tuned?


Each dealership is different. Sometimes the variables are complicated to satisfy. If we dive deeper, each department in each dealership has variables making the first difficulty minimal in comparison. Each user has their creature comforts. So why do we make something to fit everyone when we are ripping off productivity from users and departments? How do we test and measure? read more

Google Ad Managers got it right


When choosing your phone system, you must find the best one that fits each dealership or automotive group. It always comes down to the cheapest offer and a few creature comforts, but it never fits perfectly for each department. You have to make sacrifices and sometimes overbuy. Even the perfect DMS (functionality and cost) for multiple rooftops and franchises don't exist. read more

Why Managed Service Providers Love Microsoft


Don't get me wrong; I don't hate Microsoft, but I do not think their software is in the best interest of freemium, innovation, and cost. I have a few different providers superior to the giant Google and Microsoft Collaboration software, and I prefer Google over Microsoft. Managed services seem to have been sold, "it's the only way." Well, I am here to tell you, it's not. read more